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thestyledit.comAccessories are a major part of any outfit and/or the feel in which the person is going for -for the look. Make sense? :) For example,  a plain white-T can be jazzed up with a big-and-bright colorful statement necklace or an eye-stopping pair of chandelier earrings. However, it is much more meaningful when the items you choose to invest in have an underlying meaning rather than just ‘it looks good.’ This “SAVE THE PLANET” – by PONO Accessories – bracelet is killing two birds with one stone. Its unique burnt lettering made with natural materials make for an equisite piece but also shares a message without having to say a word. And although the message is somewhat classic, the way in which you do your part is all left up to you!

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Push back fly-away strands with bedazzled jeweled headbands Headbands are all the rage, craze and razzmatazz phase. When worn the correct way, a bedazzled headband can be a very pretty and elegant addition to any outfit. However, you should be very careful when purchasing your band. When it gets to big and thick it can end up looking like a very hot-and-confused mess (see above photo). Keep it simple! Chanel has a new rhinestoned headband out running about $850 – which is actually a good price point for what it is -  but for those of us who are actually effected by this recession thing, there are many cheaper options to choose from. I haven’t been there recently but I can surely guess, the next time you visit Claire’s you’ll find a prospective band or two. The perfect jeweled headband is subjective to its muse, so much so, I believe, you can tell a lot about a girl by her jeweled headband.

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Spring’s View: Colorful Sunglasses

1Spring is a time to switch up the ever so drab and monotone aspect of those past cold winter months. A time to bask in the ambiance, if you will. Spring should be a time to rejoice for…HEAT! :) So why not bring it in with a brighter view on things. Many designers have realized this necessity and are making their spectacle lines brighter-and-bolder than ever.  The possibilities are endless, you can go chunky or thin with big round frames or small with square frames – either way your face will be a winner while you protect your eyes in a very fun-and-stylish way.

purple-Louis Vuitton, blue-Oliver Peoples, turq-Louis Vuittonoliverpeoples/

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A little bit of HOUNDSTOOTH is all you need

houndstooth_020508The pattern of the now is definitely the always spicy yet timeless Houndstooth. A very versatile pattern, houndstooth can be worn on anything from leggings to a coat to a hat to an umbrella. It’s a pattern that will never bore and can be transformed with a simple change in color. Try pairing a houndstooth jacket with a bright pump or a houndstooth legging with a solid black top- either way you’ll be uber stylish without giving too much.

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