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Accessories with meaning

Accessories are a major part of any outfit and/or the feel in which the person is going for -for the look. Make sense? For example,  a plain white-T can be jazzed up with a big-and-bright colorful statement necklace or an eye-stopping pair of chandelier earrings. However, it is much more meaningful when the items you [...]

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Push back fly-away strands with bedazzled jeweled headbands

Jeweled Headbands are all the rage, craze and razzmatazz phase. When worn the correct way, a bedazzled headband can be a very pretty and elegant addition to any outfit. However, you should be very careful when purchasing your band. When it gets to big and thick it can end up looking like a very hot-and-confused [...]

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Spring’s View: Colorful Sunglasses

Spring is a time to switch up the ever so drab and monotone aspect of those past cold winter months. A time to bask in the ambiance, if you will. Spring should be a time to rejoice for…HEAT! So why not bring it in with a brighter view on things. Many designers have realized this [...]

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I said: It’s a Hat day!

Appear Your Most Incredible Throughout Every SeasonYou must also realize how to find things which is wonderful for you. These report can help with all that.Set several declines in to the container after which shake it! This could lengthen the nail improve and provide you some extra coats of improve.No matter if shaving or waxing, [...]

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Accessories: Magnify and Maximize

What is fashion if not an experiment in limits? While much of what’s on the pret-a-porter site is not realistically what we are ready to wear today, it is however important that designers out there continue to stretch boundaries. Their innovation lives in the fantastical for us, and each new season tests these new ideas. [...]

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Five Fall Trends~Manhattan Approved

Here are five of my favorite trends that have spread like wildfire in the streets of Manhattan: 1. Colored Tights As far as colored tights go, it seems that any and every color is game. It’s a great way to add an edge to your look without breaking the bank. Darker colors–plum, navy, gray, dark [...]

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Mother always said, “Don’t forget your hat, gloves & scarf”

-and with the temperatures reaching below 0 in some parts of the U.S., listening to Mother isn’t such a bad idea. Of course, thinking back on the 3 part combo you used to wear to school, you usually wouldn’t want to wear those bright colors and funny characters now that you’re a mature adult who [...]

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An accessory you can’t wear… Your Calling Card

Calling Cards may seem like a thing of the past… but this blast is definitely back in full force! In a recent conversation with my grandma who was born in the 40′s, she opened my eyes to how pertinent it was to someone’s image and business savvy presence when they carried with them their own [...]

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The Shoes Have It

As winter falls upon us (some of us that is…us native-Californians are yet to see the leaves change colors and the air become crisp) we begin to dust off our winter boots, shoes and heels. In doing so this year, I have come to realize a few things about boots- it’s the one shoe in [...]

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Pretty as a flower

Don’t wait for spring to roll around to let your hair loose and be flirty with floral. An emerging trend is pretty flower hair clips that are bound to give you a glow and make heads turn. Whether you choose a classic rose, orchid or a dahlia give your day or evening out fit that [...]

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