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Woven Peruvian Teardrop

Small accents play a wonderful role in pulling your personal look together for the warmth that’s on it’s way. Now that we know “what’s in” and “what’s out”, look even deeper into the theme, trend, and idea behind your specifics and run with it. Finding accessories is just as fun as a little kid in [...]

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Too Cool for School

Next time you or your kids decide that going to class is a waste of your time, and you’d rather start working for $15 an hour than writing boring papers you would knock right off the internet anyways, think twice. The reason is: you can possibly, realistically, start the foundations of your own very company [...]

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Soldiers of Style

This Fall women’s fashion falls into rank. This season, runways all over the world salute the soldiers of style with looks straight off the army base. As a possible reflection of our nation’s climate (social, political or otherwise), women’s styles for Fall 08 give a nod to our men (and women) in uniform with looks [...]

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Global Warming

By Fashion Apothecary Design Co. Global warming, temperature swings and strange phenomena (an earthquake in the Midwest!) have dictated that seasonal fashion lines are no longer aligned with the traditional notion of seasons. Talk of seasonal temperatures, especially here in southern California is obsolete. Gone are the days of no white after Labor Day or [...]

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New York State Of Eye

Meet Nexus. He sells sunglasses which are called ‘NexBlikies’. He stations in Manhattan’s SoHo district, specifically on Broadway near Bleeker, and changes his position and booth from one side of the street to the next. I frequent New York City often, and no one that sets up shop on the street usually catches my eye. [...]

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Dream Girl

I heard somewhere that Los Angeles is really named this way because of the immense number of dreamers who over-populate it. It is so hard to make it as an artist here, due the competition, that one needs to have a personal guardian angel hovering above, in order to keep the faith. In fashion, more [...]

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This Spring/Summer, femine flirty meets chic sophistication. This trend will definitely leave you in tiers. Yes, bright colors, ruffles, and florals are all important for Spring, tiers represent a more unique structure and balance to the garment. A blending of fabrics from gauze to chiffon, are elegantly draped to perfection. Take note, tiered pieces don’t [...]

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Spring Cleaning

By Fashion Apothecary Design Co. The third week in March was ‘official’ ‘Clean Out Your Closet’ Week. We’re a few weeks behind, but its still not too late to breathe new life into your stale closet. Spring is a time for baseball, allergies, and making way for new clothes! It’s time to clear the decks, [...]

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Rock ‘n’ Tote

There are very few things that delight my fashionista eyes more than witnessing something ordinarily associated with the masculine and the tough trades  crawl out of the cocoon and redeem itself into an extraordinary butterfly. I apologize for the exaggerated metaphor. However, I stand in awe every time a designer presents a collection around such [...]

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Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

           It’s a material world and we act accordingly. Looking great and feeling beautiful are crucial to every true fashionista’s life. We use clothing and accessories to express ourselves, letting color and silhouette illustrate our many attutitudes and emotions. But we sometimes get so consumed with self-expression that we forget to [...]

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