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Accessories with meaning

Accessories are a major part of any outfit and/or the feel in which the person is going for -for the look. Make sense? For example,  a plain white-T can be jazzed up with a big-and-bright colorful statement necklace or an eye-stopping pair of chandelier earrings. However, it is much more meaningful when the items you [...]

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Push back fly-away strands with bedazzled jeweled headbands

Jeweled Headbands are all the rage, craze and razzmatazz phase. When worn the correct way, a bedazzled headband can be a very pretty and elegant addition to any outfit. However, you should be very careful when purchasing your band. When it gets to big and thick it can end up looking like a very hot-and-confused [...]

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Spring’s View: Colorful Sunglasses

Spring is a time to switch up the ever so drab and monotone aspect of those past cold winter months. A time to bask in the ambiance, if you will. Spring should be a time to rejoice for…HEAT! So why not bring it in with a brighter view on things. Many designers have realized this [...]

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A little bit of HOUNDSTOOTH is all you need

The pattern of the now is definitely the always spicy yet timeless Houndstooth. A very versatile pattern, houndstooth can be worn on anything from leggings to a coat to a hat to an umbrella. It’s a pattern that will never bore and can be transformed with a simple change in color. Try pairing a houndstooth [...]

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I said: It’s a Hat day!

Appear Your Most Incredible Throughout Every SeasonYou must also realize how to find things which is wonderful for you. These report can help with all that.Set several declines in to the container after which shake it! This could lengthen the nail improve and provide you some extra coats of improve.No matter if shaving or waxing, [...]

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Varvatos Presented his Fall 2009 Collection in Milan

John Varvatos looks to rock and roll’s fashion heritage to shape his fall 2009 collection, reworking it into a dressed-up line that’s polished with a glamorous edge. Varvatos is based in NYC, but this year he chose to present his new collection in Milan. The John Varvatos Fall/Winter 2009 runway show took place Tuesday, January [...]

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New to MyInstantFashion… ‘ASK GRANDMA’

In this New Year we feel it is only right that a few things be changed around and made for the better. Contrary to the changes and additions we are making to MyInstantFashion we are “suffering” from a mild case of nostalgia. Nostalgia for a time our grandparents knew when women dressed up and men [...]

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Barely There

Minimalism with a soft spoken YELL louder than Ari Gold on a normal day. Standing out in a crowd while not saying or doing anything at all. If you can allow yourself to make sense of these oxymoron’s then you’ll have no problem embracing 2009’s trend of all trends—-NEUTRALS. I personally think neutrals will never [...]

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