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Varvatos Presented his Fall 2009 Collection in Milan

John Varvatos looks to rock and roll’s fashion heritage to shape his fall 2009 collection, reworking it into a dressed-up line that’s polished with a glamorous edge. Varvatos is based in NYC, but this year he chose to present his new collection in Milan. The John Varvatos Fall/Winter 2009 runway show took place Tuesday, January [...]

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New to MyInstantFashion… ‘ASK GRANDMA’

In this New Year we feel it is only right that a few things be changed around and made for the better. Contrary to the changes and additions we are making to MyInstantFashion we are “suffering” from a mild case of nostalgia. Nostalgia for a time our grandparents knew when women dressed up and men [...]

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Barely There

Minimalism with a soft spoken YELL louder than Ari Gold on a normal day. Standing out in a crowd while not saying or doing anything at all. If you can allow yourself to make sense of these oxymoron’s then you’ll have no problem embracing 2009’s trend of all trends—-NEUTRALS. I personally think neutrals will never [...]

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