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Spring’s View: Colorful Sunglasses

Spring is a time to switch up the ever so drab and monotone aspect of those past cold winter months. A time to bask in the ambiance, if you will. Spring should be a time to rejoice for…HEAT! So why not bring it in with a brighter view on things. Many designers have realized this [...]

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A little bit of HOUNDSTOOTH is all you need

The pattern of the now is definitely the always spicy yet timeless Houndstooth. A very versatile pattern, houndstooth can be worn on anything from leggings to a coat to a hat to an umbrella. It’s a pattern that will never bore and can be transformed with a simple change in color. Try pairing a houndstooth [...]

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I said: It’s a Hat day!

links christian louboutin shoes clearance ugg boots outlet cheap ray ban sunglasses nike roshe run black Pop quiz: Who said “I think it’s a say-something hat day.”? a.    Patrick Swayze b.    Aretha Franklin c.    Jackie Kennedy d.    Ru Paul Hats, hats, hats. They sit atop your head at whatever jaunty angle you prefer, and [...]

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