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Color Me Bold Baby

By Amanda Morse

Spring is my favorite season, and I couldn’t come up with a reason why it wouldn’t be. The bees are young, the flowers are fresh and you seem to feel the weather deep down inside. What better way to make a statement in summer than with your own fresh, eye catching ensemble. Truth be told, all-over bold graphics are making a comback for both spring and summer. I’m not talking about just one or two soft pastel print hits on a basic dress, but a more stand out attitude print, something that screams, “Give it to me!”

A lot of designers are showing bold and tasteful prints on the runway. Bright colors and intersting shapes give any girl a stand out appeal. There has been a vast usage of grafitti and street inspired graphics on many dresses this spring, with inspiration stemming from more of the 80s area with intense neon colors and large full body eye candy graphics.

Taking the bold, noticeable and outrageous styles from the runway to the everyday is easier than most even consider. Mixing in bold and attractive colors and prints into your everyday is a sweet piece of cake.

First work with a basic simple piece, the all over bold is good for a dramatic runway look but to work, a neutral base best compliments such heavy texture. Most often its good to add a bold contrast as a vest or a jacket, almost complimenting with a tasteful contrast to the basics. A white linen, or cotton lace knee lace dress is a perfect companion, especially for a spring outfit. Choosing organic fabrics lets your skin breathe through the fibers, especially when you intend to layer. Now for the statement maker. Depending on your skin tone, the vibrancy of your bold print might vary. I always lean to a strond neon with a contrasting black or earthy tone, just to give a heavy interesting texture. A jacket, a blazer, vest or heavy neck scarf is a great way to bring out personality and attitude to your outfit.

A soft knee high nude leather boot is a great companion to this opinionated individual outfit. With a creative open mind and bold spirit this spring can really bring out the person in your personality.

Don’t Over-do.

Sometimes being bold and outrageous is a thin line to walk in ballet slippers. We all know that tacky prints and tasteful duds are two very different things, so its easy to get them confused. Both style and balance should be kept into consideration with this crisp new beat. Mixing two very different and individually contrasting bold prints is not a good idea. You could end up portraying a different sort of fashion focused individuality and look more thrown together, like lite-bright throw up in the end. Stick to one bold print and be inspired from there.

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