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view.jpgBy Renee George

Just in time for Spring, boudoir-ready styles are saturating the market in the most perfect way possible. Lingerie inspired looks have left the bedroom and landed on our handbags, hair toys, and yes my ladies, shoes.

Christian Louboutin. Victor & Rolf. Michel Perry. These are just three designers that are bringing the romance to our happy feet. The themes are anything from patent leather peep-toe pumps, to tulle and bowtie wedges. I know these designers I mentioned are couture pricing, but get to it and get the look! Don’t fret if you can’t do heels. When I say saturating the market, I mean you can find these themes in flats and strappy sandals as well.

Report Signature has very reasonably priced and shall I mention adorable heels. Perfect for a night out with the girls, or a romantic date with your guy, these lovely shoes are up to the minute and sexy! Colors that scream romance also stem from the bottom of the heel to the tip of your manicured toes, leaving a love trail anywhere you walk.


The palette of your happy feet range from stark bone and black to baby pink and beige. When you start shopping, just think and feel romance and the shoe will find you. What I like about this season’s versatility is that the boudoir comes in all shapes and styles. I am sort of over the wedge, but if you must, I have been seeing some cute ones. Try Aldo or Nine West, two stores that follow trend and are a safe bet for a variety of styles to choose from.

I say this tons and I’ll say it tons more. You don’t have to spend hundreds for any specific look. You just have to trust the look your looking for anywhere you go. There have been tons of times when I have, yes, walked down Santee Alley downtown L.A. and have found what’s in for the season, look, or occasion I’m vamping up for. The shoe might not last forever because of the quality, BUT if you take care of the shoe for the short life span it will have, the shoe will take care of you. I always recommend Dr. Scholl’s gels in any platform or sexy heel you wear, anyway. They work and pull you away from blisters and bunions. Gels for your feet are a must have!

Ladies, there it is. Not only is this look great, it is a great way to showcase the feminine goddess in you, and all without looking trampy or cheesy in this well deserved, well rounded, and well built romantic process.

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