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Dances of Fancy

Fashion Fair-Maidens and Fair-Sirs,
{*Fake English accent time} Ahem. My dear Colonel Jules, it’s time to get down to brass tacks. Please bring our steam-engine time machine, the Jabarwohlcky over here! My, you are looking dandy, by the way. We are traveling back to Victoriatulla to find Gertrude and her cache of leather, puffy shirts and compasses. My god! The future of our fashionable retro-futuristic colony depends on it! Goggles please!

Whoa-kay. Yup, here’s another one for ya. If the 80′s are just not far enough back in time for you we have another trend-to-watch and possibly for you to join should you be so darn adventurous. How about traveling back to the 70′s? Ho, ho..not far enough, you say? How about the 1870′s? How about a sci-fi 1870′s that never was? And you still get to be punk, how about that? Steampunk. Tough and fashionable, with a lot of hot air. The style sits next to Neo-Victorianism and Goth of course, but has a techie even cyberpunk element with brass gears and odd accoutrements like monocles, goggles-even ray guns. Some of this aesthetic is very DIY (do it yourself), and some very beautiful art and fashion has been created. Some of it is goofy crap and takes itself too seriously. It’s just one aesthetic, and as new and fresh as they come these days. Steampunk-it is even a nice new composite word.
Of course this is a fashion trend that got it’s start from somewhere else, in this case-speculative and science fiction and scientific romances a la Jules Verne and H.G. Wells {but includes even Mark Twain, Mary Shelley, Frank Baum, and contemporary sci-fi writer William Gibson}. Thusly the trend prefers antiquated objects or antique-y looking machinery–think analog computers, lots of beautiful whirring gears and counter-weights, hot
air balloons and dirigibles; flowery costumes and language. This aesthetic strikes a chord with such divergent subcultural groups from Goths to cyberpunks to DIYers and those nostalgic for seemingly less ephemeral {as in pre digital} forms of technological artifacts {e.g. heavy household phones, brass pocket watches, heavy glass containers, metal gears}. It is also strikes a chord with people interested in forgotten forms of power, machinery and mobility, such as steam power, bio-fuels and good ole human powered things such as bicycles, which of course are no forgotten, just under-used.payphone3

Speaking of alternative sources of power there is a steampunk art collective called Kinetic Steam Works on whose website I read that “our future may lie in renewable bio-fuels such as eco-harvested naturally beach deceased seals.” Ahem. Dead seals. Ahem. {* Cue accent} Colonel Jules! That may be far enough, let us turn this dastardly contraption around. And my, you are looking dandy!

So, in conclusion dear readers don your lace-up boots and your corsets, wear your waistcoats and check your pocket watches, but DON’T forget that dead seals smell terrible and that fashion is not to be taken seriously, not for all the brass tacks in the imaginary world. So, should you find your corset to tight, or that damn mustache starts to slide down your face, throw them both into your incinerator, and don’t look back. Cheerio dear readers, until next week.

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Experience it:
Though you may not have heard of it yet, there are some venues and parties where this fashion often shows up such as the Edwardian Ball, that celebrates the work of the late, great Edward Gorey. And the Dances of Vice.payphone21

Also I find some of the film work of Jeunet and Caro pretty retro-futuristic such as <a href=”” mce_href=””> The City Of Lost Children</a> or La Cite des Enfant Perdus.

P.S. Yes I saw the Oscars, yes the clothes were classy and rather sleepy. No, I thought Hilary Swank’s dress was boring even though it was over-styled, blah. Yes. Marion Cotillard looked stunning, scalloped patterns are fantastically sexy and femme. And and and…she deserved the award! Hooray!

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