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Street Chic.

street.jpgBy Renee George
Greetings from a fashion overloaded fashionista! My days are filled with trips to patternmakers, fabric houses, and silkscreen printers. My nights are winding down with sketching, making jewelry and planning. I live the fashion life to say the least, and might I add that for an on the go firecracker, street chic has welcomed me in all it’s comfort.

We all have those “pieces” that we arrange, re-arrange, put away for a year, and dust off to recycle again on our fashion clad silhouettes. This cycle is priceless and timeless, but mostly it’s smart style, whether you’re in Seattle or Paris.

A sigh of relief came over me just now, as I glance at my flat black leather warrior boots. They are knee length with minimal silver studs around the ankle, and they’ve replaced all my lovely converse and pumas. I got them for $30 at Wasteland on Melrose Avenue. I wear them everywhere and with everything, and I have been seeing lovely ladies doing the same. Bravo, and may all style savvy fashion warriors unite on this trend.street2.jpg

Versatility plays a huge supporting role in either shopping this look, or dreaming it up for your must have wish list. When browsing your favorite shops, look for pieces that 1) can transition multiple times for coming seasons and trends, 2) have timeless appeal, and 3) serve street chic with a side of comfort.

Some designer friends of mine that are just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and scream this idea are:Rojas by Freddy Rojas, and Love Brigade,

Remember; never hold back on accessories while compiling this look. Not only do they accentuate your personal style, they most importantly bring YOU to the here and now.

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