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We all know dinner and a movie is the classic date, but sometimes we come across a guy who seeks adventure and spontaneity. Some dates are romantic, some casual, and even sporty, how is a girl to know what to wear?

First off, before you go on a date you should always know where you are going and what the weather will be like (which for this article will be warm for the spring) so you can dress accordingly and appropriately. Second, dress for the guy not the girls, often times girls dress for girls, but this time keep in mind what guys think is sexy…… then tone it down one or two notches. Stay away from trends and what’s in because most guys could care less. Believe it or not guys love a girl who is modest yet still exudes sexiness. So here are some sexy outfits you can wear to any date!

Lets start with the ever so popular dinner and a movie. For this date you really want and outfit that can go from day to evening. A movie is more casual and a dinner is more romantic. So try a dark denim, a dressy blouse and a pair of romantic heels. This has casual and dressy all in one, but it’s still classy and sexy.

When going on a more casual date like coffee or to a bookstore still keep in mind sexy but dress it down a bit more. Try some dark denim, a more structured top in bright color and simple accessories like a gold hoop earring with a fun chunky heel. this is casual but still stylish and practical.

Next is the sporty girl. Once in a while we get a guy who thinks a sporty girl is top notch. So if you go on a date that involves go carts or a volley ball, don’t resort to those old worn out sneakers and baggy sweats. Think sexy tom boy. If your going to play a sport that requires some serious athletic wear try a nylon mid waist zip up hoodie, a pair of black spandex flare pants (which might I add guys love), and a great pair of pumas. Also try to go minimal on the make up, some basic cover-up, blush, waterproof mascara, and lip balm will do the trick.


Sports and other activities such as go carting require different attire even though they are both athletic. So if you do go on a date that involves go carting or even an amusement park you can dress in your every day clothes but with a sexy maybe even innocent twist. Definitely wear flats for this date, a cute girly tank or shirt with a softer color, a pair of skinny jeans, and basic studs (earrings). It’s very practical, simple, chic, and girly all at the same time.Lastly our favorite, a romantic evening date. From dancing the night away to a posh dinner. This is the date to dress for and might I add the most fun. For this date you can play with fantasy. Definitely go for a dramatic look but not over the top. Go for a sexy feminine dress, you can go for a romantic flowing away from the body silhouette (which is this seasons trend and still sexy for a date) or a body skimming dress that shows off your curves. Dramatic heels are always a basic accessory for evening as well as a statement clutch. I can never stress this enough to women, is less is more! When it comes to jewelry, don’t do rings, necklace, and earrings all together. Just pick one or two and you will look simply elegant.

So now when going on a date have fun with your wardrobe! Be that sporty chick you always wanted to be or that innocent girl you knew you had deep inside. And always remember that different dates call for different looks.

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