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OOps She Did It Again!

534822454_f93c78900b.jpg We all miss the old Britney. The bubble gum glam, the platinum blond hair, and the sweet innocent personality that captured us all. Now we all have to recall the pop icon in our distant memories.

Today Britney Spears has her share of problems but her problem that shames her most is her lack of fashion sense. Hot pink wigs, the same old torn up cowboy boots, and unflattering flashes of skin. How much longer must we endure this new Britney? She needs to contact a professional fashion stylist quick (I’m up for the challenge). Britney definitely has a hard time putting pieces together. She is always mismatched or blends off the wall colors and prints that are not remotely flattering. Also ladies when you have a child you know it’s time to throw away your mini skirts and hot pants. Don’t get me wrong you can still be a mom and look sexy but it’s time to tone it down and play up the modest but still sexy woman. When it comes to Britney in this department she does it all wrong. Flashing her ever so popular crotch shot to wearing tight shirts with no bra, BIG fashion no no especially for a mother.

btowel2.jpgWhen it comes to fashion I’m not just talking about wardrobe, I’m also talking about make up, hair, accessories, and even your personal lifestyle. Brit, the red lips is not a good look for you, the cheap hair extensions need to go, and give up the blue contacts your eyes are brown! Fashion is who you make your self out to be to society. Ever heard of the saying “don’t cramp my style,” your “style” is your lifestyle. Who you hang out with, what color your nails are, what designer your wearing or not wearing, or even your ethnicity. Britney seems to be all over the place. Yes, we all know she is a troubled girl and needs to get help but we can all learn from Britney that lifestyle is important and if your lifestyle is out of whack than so is your style.

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