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Girly Sexy

v265511_w262rgb.jpgWhen playing in the bedroom you think sexy siren. Well this time think sexy girly. When your in the bedroom with your man give him that feminine instinct. For lingerie play with feminine details like ruffles gentle bows, lace and pastels. Lingerie is desperately trying to bring back the girl next door when it comes to our sexy play time get up. I love the idea of playing with old school and new school fantasy. Also cute cutouts like hearts. butterflies, and lips are a great touch. Throw those clear stripper shoes away and take your sexy strappy heels to bed with you, because sleazy is no longer in style in the bedroom. Also play with softer tones with make up. Go for light pinks, no eyeliner, a soft peach cheek, and glossy red lips (modern old school). Hair should look soft, with a loose curl no crazy stick straight hair anymore. Whenever you and your man are in the mood, always remember girly is sexy and go for that girl next door look he always fantasized about.

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