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Spring is about new beginnings, fresh breezes and peekaboo bursts of color. Easter puts us in the center of this rebirth as children scavenge for hidden Easter eggs, crocuses, daffodils and blue bells press their buds through the fresh earth, and yard sales signal spring cleaning frenzy. This spring fever should translate to a visit to your local nail salon or spa. A spring refresh for your hands does wonders for your whole spirit.

After a gloomy winter, this is the time to get your nails back into shape. And it’s A LOT easier than getting that booty back into shape! So start small. Pamper your hands and feet with soothing oils, sea scrubs, callus removal, cuticle cleanup and a fresh coat of polish. Choose nail polish that reflects the freshness of the season with soft hues. Whether you opt to be pampered by a nail technician or in the comfort of your own home make sure your hands and feet are well moisturized and the shape of the nails you choose suit the shape of your hand and your lifestyle. A square shape may make your fingers look stubby, but they are generally prone to less cracks and breaks. Use cuticle oil or a rich hand cream to smooth and nurture your skin daily. Prep nails by shaping them with a fine emery board. Make sure to file your nails in only one direction working from the sides to the center. Buff and clean nails with nail polish remover prior to layering on the base coat, your chosen color and finally a protective top coat. Patience is key to perfect nails — although 10 minutes may suffice for a dry touch feel it takes nearly an entire hour for the nail to completely dry.

Having your hands and feet pampered or giving yourself a mani-pedi will give you the opportunity to focus on yourself. Beautiful nails are the perfect accessory to compliment any outfit. They play a crucial role in your social life as well, in fact, go with a friend, or buff with a friend. You’ll be glad every time you shake hands, hold a cup of coffee or type on a keyboard or hold the steering wheel! Use this small, but major effect to say: “I take care of myself, I respect my body.”fancynails.JPGWith that thought in mind, please remember that your nail is a relatively small piece of bodily real-estate, so keep it simple. When it comes to nails, generally less is more in the decorating department. If you do indulge, maybe just accent the nail on your big toes, and try to keep the bedazzler, the hook earrings and the tropical scenery to a minimum.

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