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Invest in a vest! Vests are all the rage this spring. On the heels of a winter season where we saw vests popping up in street fashions from Barcelona to Hong Kong, Milan to New York – vests layered over tees, vests on more vests or just some bare skin – vests are versatile, sexy and even sophisticated. Make no mistake about it, the vest of the three piece suit is not what we mean – the menswear inspired trend has been tailored and reworked to give this look an up-to-date and decidedly feminine attitude. Try a vest over a chiffon blouse or add punch to a plain dress with a sequined little number.

A vest is a type of collarless, sleeveless upper body garment; its name derived from the French term veste, Italian vesta, veste “robe, gown,” and Latin vestis, from vestire “to clothe”. Thus even its name connotes how basic and essential this item is to any wardrobe. It is thought that vests worn by men beneath their coats may have been introduced by King Charles II of England; a diary entry from October 8, 1666, written by Samuel Pepys states, “The King hath yesterday, in Council, declared his resolution of setting a fashion for clothes…It will be a vest, I know not well how; but it is to teach the nobility thrift.” And so you see, the vest even has royal bloodlines!r0066816-1.jpg

Getting the perfect fit is essential, make sure the vest is fitted and does not venture below the top of your hip or pants. Oversized is overrated and does not do anything to flatter your figure, unless you’re stick thin and need to add volume. Today’s sexy vests come in many different fabrics and cuts. Whether yours is a knit, a woven, satin, velour or sequined and bedazzled, it should always enhance what you’ve already put on, rather than overwhelm it. If you are trying to avoid adding bulk, avoid knits, and if you are trying to add some curves, pick a tailored vest with darts. Avoid following the trends and pick a vest that suits your body and your personal style and by all means please don’t wear a vest over a tucked in shirt – it’ll just make you look frumpy. Oh, and adding a vest to a plain white short-sleeve T-shirt does not fashion make, so get creative!

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