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Black elastic, waist-synched, Lux Blouse

It being Caesar Chavez Day we should commemorate this day by wearing appropriate attire. Like lace/ doily inset inspired pieces, with electric hues of red, cobalt blue and yellow; unionizing colour and shape. Or, heavenly muted powder blues, pinks, and magenta. Maybe even just the simple black with a peak of colour. Flowing blouses and dresses to follow in the wind of the spirit of a great man.
Revolt against conventions by wearing a big flowing blouse and short-shorts. These will surly get you across the picketing line. Today is most definitely the day to get away with wearing over sized dresses and tops. Skinny Capri’s or ankle pants paired with an elastic synched blouse will most likely accentuate the right places. Or a very colourful tent dress with or with out a cloth or leather woven belt at the waist. When wearing a tent dress without a belt, it is okay to go for shorter lengths. Remember today is a day of celebration don’t stage a sit-in go out and define you style.Free People Back Applique

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