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Shift your thinking!


Imagination is the key!  Shifts have been all around us for a while, but you may have thought… “Why would I want to wear that?  It looks like a house dress my grandmother wore!”  Let’s stop to think a bit… Sure there are the girls out there that like to show every bump and hump they’ve got, but there’s something to be said about the imagination!  How sweet and sexy you can look with the right shift dress!  Take for instance this peasant inspired version.  The neckline is flattering with a little slit for flirting and even made with a slightly sheer cotton!  It teases but does not reveal!  You can stay cool in the summer and not worry about constantly holding your breath!


I happen to love the newest looks in knits that are like wearing your favorite tee shirt without looking like you rolled out of bed!  The details that today’s designers provide make any plain dress look so amazing!  I like the feeling that it was hand-crafted just for me!  Remember to look for the little gathers and pleats that nip and tuck in the right spots to still add some shape!  For those on a budget… with the right creative cutting and sewing, I am sure I could get this dress out of an extra large beefy tee!


There are so many looks out there… there is always something for everyone!  It’s just a matter of finding that look and style that strikes your fancy!  And even if it’s a look you never thought you would be caught dead in… shift your thinking!  Try it on!  You just might like what you see!

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