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Bag Lady

By Renee George

We should all know the trends and themes for Spring by now. I know there’s a rush of excitement for that perfect Spring night to hit Los Angeles, so outfit numero uno can play all night. Have you ever been in a bag lady dilemma? Not knowing what bag to pair with our top outfits for spring can throw off our whole statement. Here’s a couple of tips, tricks, and my top three on how to be the absolute bag lady.

clutch3.jpgClutches. Since we want these for evening, the direction is an oversized one. On many occasions I have seen the ‘shoulder bag’ or ‘tote’ weighing a girl down at starlight. You see a lovely put together style, then see a bag usually for daytime killing the whole vision. That’s why the oversized clutch is smart. It fits all of our things and doesn’t way us down. After all, who wants big baggage downtown? A solid bright clutch in yellow, purple, turquoise or red is good. These here are colors that compliment anything, and yes, it looks good when a smart color doesn’t always match.

Fanny-packs. In or out? I say in, because I’m a huge fan. If you get the right one, you can use it for both day and night. A pleather or faded leather one for night is the way to go. I am in search of one right now, and again, I will stop at thrift stores to find old 80′s ones that are colorful. Fanny-packs keep you hands-free and confident. You can also go a little further by using fanny-packs as a belt if you wear denim, and or wear them to the right, left, front and back of your waist. Fanny-packs, in my opinion, rule.

Up next and very versatile in style are Satchels. Small handles, big ones, chain handles, large ones. The list goes on. This is a bag that combines a ‘shoulder bag’ and a ‘tote’ all in one. I love that satchels have different compartments and make the mark with size and comfort. Sometimes you want to spruce it up from a messenger bag or back pack during the day. They are perfect for almost anything daytime and they flow into dusk beautifully. Some satchels are even good used as the overnight or weekend bag. This is where you can go further in color and pattern. From floral to safari to vinyl to bright, satchels rule.Satchel

The beauty of bags is that there are so so so many to choose from. I get lost in stores ranging from Ross to Neimans to my ultimate favorite vintage shops around town when it comes to bags. To put it quite simply, being a bag lady is a piece of cake.

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  1. sugar Says:

    clutches…i’ve got you in mine!

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