Color Me Mine

      Color, color, everywhere! This spring fashion has fallen in love with a vibrant, glossy, high impact color palette. Hyper hues of green, pumped up red and neon orange are proudly parading down runways of every important designer. But for many fashion fanatics, color can be intimidating. That sexy fuchsia dress in the window is making you drool but you wont know what to do with it once you get it home. So you have played it safe over the years, opting for subtle blues, grays and browns. You may even have fallen victim to the New York syndrome, replacing any trace of color in your wardrobe with black, reassuring yourself that it’s not only versatile but also terribly sophisticated. All black is alright for fall (hey it worked for Katherine Hepburn) but as the weather heats up so should your look.

       Spring is the time of year when life is in full bloom and this should be reflected in your outfit. If you are scared to take the color challenge head on, try taking it in baby steps. Step one: Start with your extremities. Add a splash of color to your outfit with bright bangles, rings, or even a pair of new shoes like Christian Louboutin’s electric blue pumps. Once you’ve tried accessories, you can move on to step two, working more color into your look with colorful tops, skirts or even dresses. But be careful, you don’t want to look like a kid’s coloring book on Crack! Remember that balance is the key to color. A little goes a long way, so try to stick to one bright hue (or for the more confident colorist, two). For highest impact, contrast bright colors with neutral ones. Black, white, chocolate brown and khaki are all great neutrals that look good with any bright color and create a palette off which the color can truly pop. You may also want to limit the bright pieces in your outfit to one or two. These high impact colors speak for themselves, so there is no need to rock them head to toe. Go green with a bright belt and matching clutch. An electric blue top is a sexy color for spring and a sure attention grabber. Pair it with dark skinny jeans or black tights to maximize the color and balance your outfit. There are many ways to inject life into your colorless closet, so don’t be afraid to jump in. Because spring is in full swing and that fuschia dress is dying for a night on the town.



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