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Out there….then Now Here.

lime green clingy dress, red patent leather shoes, gold belt. She is a writer and a snappy dresser.

Hello Dears Ears and Beers,

I’m back. From the shores of the Persian gulf, from the highrises of Hong Kong, from the squatter camps of Johannesburg. And lemmeeee tellya. Here it is: metallic, patent leather, tight around the ankle pants. So, if you were wondering if our stylists were on top of it, now you know. These trends are global, I mean yeah, it helps that there’s an H&M on every corner—wait you know what? H&M is only a northern Hemisphere phenomenon…but these trends were certainly blooming in full even in the townships of Johannesburg South Africa. And by the way, Johannesburg (and I hear South Africa in general) has amazing graffiti, and the whole place smells good, I think it’s the soil, which is a pretty orange color.

Anyway, voluminous things were around, but I think it’s a little more regional–I didn’t see tons of giant sleeves or anything. So us statesiders are ahead on the volume trend I think. And the weird Victorian thingy–and colored ray ban-style sunglasses.

Well, folks, lovelies….my preciouss’ss. It’s spring and everyone wishes they were in love but most people are busy pushing, pulling or just missing their true love by a mere fraction of a second or just failing to realize as true loves tend to wear disguises(and sometimes they come in twos!)…..but don’t worry. You’ll get another chance to make it right tomorrow. So feel good to look good, take a walk, call your mom, and eat something fresh and locally grown. All my love. It’s good to be back.

Cheers, Alexi

ps I updated my profile…so check it!

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  1. Anastasios Says:

    Welcome back!

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