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tyra_banks300.JPGBy Renee George

Don’t step to a Fashion Show or function looking like this. Don’t dare do it, ever!!! Tyra reminds me of a girl goin to ‘da club’ circa 1990. I can’t even tell if it looks like a one piece rayon jumper, but regardless, it’s bad. I give her the hair and make-up but wear something that is going to accentuate your figure, not make it look like I can see your bra pads and stomach bulging out. Is that a belt around her really round waist? I can’t even tell. This look is so old, odd, and off-beat. I can’t even tell if the leg of this disaster is baggy from the waist down, or if it’s the way she’s posing. I simply, and I think you all will agree, give this a 2 thumbs way down. Yuk!

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