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The Sensual Oriental Dance



By Cyndi Boyd

Over the ages, exotic oriental dancers have mesmerized their watchers seducing them with their fluid movements. Today, dancers around the world embrace this form of dance not only as a way to stay healthy and fit but be in touch with their sensuality. With a few classes and some fun scarves, you could turn Valentine’s Day into one hot Arabian night!

Erté was known for designing costumes for belly dancers with exciting flair and style. His innovative and beautiful designs flattered the female formerte-dancer.JPG and movement. Use your creativity with a sari or any beautiful scarf! Many belly dancing pieces are found easily these days whether just a piece to draw emphasis to your hips or decorated sets for more drama!

Put some music on, light some candles, set the mood and get into the part! Then this could be continued under “In the Bedroom!” No matter what, let loose and enjoy yourself!

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