Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

           It’s a material world and we act accordingly. Looking great and feeling beautiful are crucial to every true fashionista’s life. We use clothing and accessories to express ourselves, letting color and silhouette illustrate our many attutitudes and emotions. But we sometimes get so consumed with self-expression that we forget to acknowledge the expressions of others.  Every once in a while we must pause to consider other peoples clothing. Well, today is the beginning of a new week and too a chance to take such an opportunity. Today we lend our eyes and ears to Men’s fashion. Lets hear it for the boys, ladies, as we take a peek at what’s hot in Men’s apparel this spring. This season the image that designers are going for is one of subdued masculinity and sophistication. The aesthetic for the stylish man this spring is a more formal, completed outfit that screams class and charm. Men’s fashion this season gets nostalgic, channeling the clean lines and polished elegance of the 1940’s and 50’s menswear.

      Slouchy slacks and vintage tees are being replaced by three-piece suits and crisp button-downs. Cargo pants and baseball caps are being pushed to the back of drawers everywhere, making room for stylish neck ties (either fat or super skinny), tie pins and pocket squares that are reminiscent of the timeless elegance of film stars Cary Grant and Fred Astaire.  Slim bodied suits, vibrant neck ties, and even pastel blazers in interesting yet subtle prints give men’s style the chic aesthetic of an English gentleman.  This fresh and attractive look even includes the long abandoned front pleated pant as well as the cuff. As a nod to older times, many designers are showing everything from relaxed slacks to suit pants with a cuffed hem. Once abhorred and shunned, the finished look of the cuffed pant has been welcomed as an important detail of the well-groomed look for spring. So show him you care and do some seriously overdue spring-cleaning in your man’s closet. Get rid of those torn jeans and tired wool sweaters and update his wardrobe with a well-fitted suit or vest. Because within every man lies a well-dressed gentleman, and the aesthetic for this spring will bring him to life. 


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  1. jeannie mai Says:

    I second that Suzanne..lets puhleeze give away the ed hardy hits n miss. Bring on the casual couture boys!

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