Dream Girl

I heard somewhere that Los Angeles is really named this way because of the immense number of dreamers who over-populate it. It is so hard to make it as an artist here, due the competition, that one needs to have a personal guardian angel hovering above, in order to keep the faith.

In fashion, more often than not, that angel can be replaced by an abundant financial back-up to put your creations on a rack.

As an artist and a designer myself, I believe far more in patience. That is why I like to discover new talents, and give them a chance to introduce themselves. The rest will come on its own.

Take, for example, Designs by J.

The designer is a stunningly beautiful Cal State LA graduate. She sent me some pictures of her made-to-fit gowns and dresses and, even before she described her design philosophy to me, I thought: We were waiting for someone like her to dress the music icons we have come to make our fashion queens.


“I bring self worth, elegance, edge, daringness, and sex appeal out of the woman who wears my garments”, she says.

When asked whom she would like to design for, she replies confidently: Halle Barry, Beyonce, Lindsey Lohan, Jennifer Lopez, amongst others. Edge, daringness, and sex appeal. What a perfect description for those women. Few designers can boast that ability, when putting together an outfit.

Dolce and Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood. I can only name a handful of those who can sum up those attributes together in the same sentence.

“J” just started. Apart form a couple of runway shows she self promoted and a clientele mostly made up of friends, she is still looking up to her own guardian angel.

Her formula is “flaunt your assets”. At the same time, she is a firm believer that she can make her own trends, like any other woman can.

For her, black has a space in every season, neon colors can be a sexy accent to patent leather, and confidence is the strongest thread to keep the seams sewn together.

So, dream on, girls. Dream on.


To see more of her work, please visit “J” at www.myspace.com/j_07.  You can also contact her at designsbyj07@aol.com.





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