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The magic of fashion is that it has the ability to inspire and influence, trigger emotions and start conversation. Our seemingly mundane task of choosing what to wear every day is actually a very significant task! Not only does our apparel influence how we feel, but it also sets the tone for many social interactions we will have throughout the day. You probably feel ‘closer’ to people who share your style sense, even if you don’t know them, but simply see them walking down the street. You may even be more likely to help someone out if you sense that you share fashion. Even more importantly, we judge people by what they are wearing all the time! Consciously or subconsciously our style is a major influence on how we make it through the day.

Recently, jewelry has been making a splash as the emotional sister of fashion, with many high-end design houses from Chanel to Cartier advertising diamond-encrusted jewels to etsy users ( hawking their homemade wares online. Jewelry is able to take our personal exploration of fashion to a new level, the tactile and visual emotion that it evokes is what excites and awes us. Its nearly eternal nature – solid, durable, shiny, precious, meaningful and romantic – art made to be displayed on our bodies. The Cartier LOVE collection (, and its ‘How far would you go for love?’ slogan is a perfect example of beautiful jewelry and clever advertising playing into all of our emotional insecurities. In fact, the company has launched June 8th as LOVE day all around the world!

Steel, platinum, gold and silver are a few examples of materials that can have emotional resonance. Their physical characteristics communicate and develop a living memory. Whether it be the cool toughness of steel or the warm glow of gold – infinite emotions are evoked my metal. These pieces of art we wear around our necks, wrists, fingers or dangling from our ears provide infinite possibilities to dazzle and mesmerize. A particularly unique aspect of metal jewelry is its association with durability, tradition (of marriage for example), family history (as heirlooms) and symbolism (wedding rings).

Gold is today the ultimate medium of expression for most jewelry design. Gold has mesmerized us for centuries, beguiling us with its eternal beauty. More precious then gold and declared the only metal fit for a king, by King Louis XV of France, platinum’s wear- and tarnish-resistant character is also well suited for making fine jewelry (albeit, at a higher price than gold). Silver, like gold has been used in ceremonial and traditional crafts since ancient times to make ornaments, jewelry, tableware and utensils and currency coins. The new kid on the block, indestructible stainless steel, although not traditionally used in jewelry design is grabbing everyone’s attention. It’s resistance to corrosion, oxidization and discoloration combined with its cool color and malleability make it an ideal canvas for the most intricate conceptions.

Milanese company Breil ( has embraced stainless steel making its watches and jewelry pieces out of the metal. The free flowing movement of its jewelry pieces – whether it be part of its leaves, snake, sand or eclipsis collection – the pieces are masterfully created to blend the masculine energy of steel with the whimsical and romantic beauty of nature, creating an edgy yet feminine look.

The perfect piece of jewelry should embody your personality and your mood – whether its a simple silver chain, an engraved ring from your grandmother or a chunky costume bracelet from a vintage shop – the perfect piece resonates with you and enhances your look. So get out there and show us your sparkle!

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