Love is in the Air…



By Fashion Apothecary Design Co.

Valentine’s Day should be celebrated by everyone – couples and singles alike. You should take this day and make it all about you. Give yourself some love! If you love and respect yourself, it will allow you to bring love and respect to others…and you can bring that love in Agent Provocateur! (We won’t tell mom)

Whether you pick your wears from Frederick‘s of Hollywood, Victoria‘s Secret, The Pleasure Chest or Agent Provocateur make sure you wear your leather or lace with conviction and self-assurance. You can be girly in ruffles, sensual in a corset and stunning in leather. Embrace the sexiest day of the year and let cupid’s arrow fly.

If you opt for pleasing the palate as well, take a romantic journey with food and libation as aphrodisiacs – champagne, oysters, figs and honey all help fuel the fire of desire. How you may ask? The science of love tells us that oysters for example, are high in Zinc, which raises progesterone levels, which is linked to sex drive…not to mention the obviously sensual shape and texture. If recapturing the Valentine’s Day of years past is more your speed, Candy Grams, heart shaped Be Mine cards and red and white cupcakes will do the job nicely. Flaunting your romantic side is key. Indulge and let yourself be seduced. Oh, and remember to dress appropriately!


Don’t limit yourself to indulgence just once a year – show love and gratitude all year long… Flirt and flaunt your romantic side with a romantic dinner, an unexpected bouquet of flowers, a breakfast in bed or by wearing your special lingerie under your work outfit. It’ll put a bounce in your step to know what your colleagues don’t!

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