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It’s hot. Really really hot. Time for summer dresses and shorts, tank tops and those little fans on top of spray bottles. Yeah, kidding about the spray bottle thing. But, shorts, yup shorts. I say go for it. I say go for high waisted, low waisted, long or short (short shorts are super hot right now if you feel comfortable pulling it off, and short shorts with a high waist is really really hot right now if you’ve got the gumption). This style in the picture is my favorite right now. I mean c’mon, high waisted purple bloomers–can you get cuter? No, say it with me…No you can’t. You can even pull off a flared out pair of short shorts that look like a skirt but are actually shorts, yup like culottes of old. They’re back. Look, don’t freak out. I read so many threads on networking sites where people bemoan some retro trend coming back–”oh, tight jeans, didn’t we leave that in the eighties? gross!” But people look good, and have fun recycling old ideas and shopping at thrift stores. I’m not saying jump on every regressive trend or ironic fashion whim that comes along. However, I do advise you to reserve judgement until after you get over whatever hidden and troubling connection you had to the clothes “ugh tight jeans–I wore those way back in the eighties when I was giving those embarrassing and unfunny coked-out monologues at the Laugh-In” That’s too bad that you spoiled a clothing trend by not being as mature or smart as you are now-but don’t look down your nose at the rest of us as we marvel at the fantastic way our jeans fit into our boots or how with culottes we can wear something short and flirty on the bottom and not flash anybody our undies or bits.

Now, if you are venturing into the hip area of high waisted shorts-please don’t wear those denim numbers that look like a top panel has just been sewed on top of a pair of low-rise deals. This design looks half-assed and lazy. More stunning are the ones that have a narrative cohesion–that’s right-narrative cohesion, where the whole pair of high waisted shorts looks like a complete thought, not a thought and an afterthought. So the ones with sailor buttons all the way up look great, high shorts with connected suspenders are lovely too. Anything but the attached top section high shorts. So, happy high-waisted culottes to you.

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