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When you take a booming, competitive, and industry driven city called L.A., you find Make-Up Artist Lernik Grikorian right in the center like a diamond in the rough. She is booming, competitive, and industry driven. With a great eye for concept, and not to mention her great eyes, her execution is flawless. Ranging from film to editorial to model after model at the fashion weeks of L.A., this young and vibrant cookie is overflowing with work and ideas to make your head spin. As she should be. Let’s take a deeper, anatomic look into this Artist and dissect her Make-Up.

Her History - “While students were either choosing law or medicine for their majors to enter college, I asked myself what I wanted to do every morning when I woke up. The answer was always make-up.” With teacher Ashlee Peterson taking her under her wing and showing her the ropes, Grikorian jumped into the industry with confidence and started to “work work work” as she simply put it. “I took small jobs, non-paying jobs, goofy jobs. But it was work. I wanted to compile an excellent book so I never turned anything down.” Through networking, she started getting recommendations from stylists and photographers. “Confidence happens when you know your career is what you should be doing”, she blurted out at the end of this very inspiring conversation. One out of many people she is on board with is the amazing fashion photographer Eric Lacour

Her Personal Preference – Her favorite look is quite simple, model or not. There was only one word she used to describe it. “Natural.” She didn’t miss a beat and began to elaborate saying, “To get an old-school natural look is a challenge at times. It has to be done the right way, even when a model’s face is almost perfect. Foundation, concealer, fuller eyebrows and a balanced skin tone are the key elements for a natural look. And if you don’t need to apply foundation, even better.” Her recommendations are Laura Mercier concealer, Joe Blasco foundation, and a dab into Bare Minerals Make-Up.

Her Pleasure Area – At this point of my interview, her eyes were beaming with excitement, ready to show me more of her made-up world. When asked what her favorite area of the face to recreate was, Grikorian enthusiastically responds, “No matter how natural or dramatic, the eyes have to pop. It’s not about looking at a photo or subject and saying they have pretty eye make-up on, it’s about being wowed by the pretty eyes that pop out at you.”

My diagnosis? We have a diamond in the rough that can make your face shine like a diamond. We want to know what she’s up to next, we want to book her, and we want her to give us tips of her trade.

Contacting Lernik Grikorian: or Lernik Grikorian supports My Instant Fashion and our team of online stylists. One of her projects for early summer is doing make-up for “Ben and Burman”, a new web series.

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