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Badass KaffiaNeckerchiefs. Yes, they’re not just for sailors, boy scouts and pirates anymore!! Wear a little one on a hot day, and a nice big one for night, or for those cold windy days. This is a tricky fashion but can look so good if you’ve got it right. You can use handkerchiefs, small scarves, kaffia’s, or even a scrap of fabric you like that has been cut into an appropriately sized square (long enough so that you can fold it in half cross-wise, into a triangle, and tie it at the back of your neck). I recommend choosing an accent color for pop, maybe a fun pattern to give an otherwise monochromatic outfit a little fun, plus it will frame your face. If you use larger pieces opt for a lighter fabric and just drape it, this works well for wearing a kaffia or other larger-than-a-hanky neck accoutrements. Kaffias are a traditional Bedouin (ie a desert-dwelling Arab nomadic pastoralist) garment. However, they have come into fashion in the good ole US of A, and they are beautiful. They are traditionally red and white or red and black, the one pictured here on Cloe is red black and white. So, do wear a neckerchief, but as far as other please don’t wear a fez unless you are in a secret society meeting, you are an Ottoman, or you are really really smart, like rocket-pocket science smart. Be fashionable. Be creative. Be gone!

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