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Heya Sporty Slice

What do you mean a spandex suit isn’t your idea of fashion? Hmm, I think Grace Jones would totally disagree. Yeah, those gold lame ass-tight leggings sold pretty well down at the ole American Apparel, but I actually want to talk to you about sports. Yeah, I know it seems like the last thing a ciggy smoking, home made punk-rock shirt wearing wanna-be-gay-man like me would actually embark upon.  But you know, I find myself in the beautiful state of Colorado where the cottonwood trees keep little white puffs of fuzz lilting on the gentle breeze as I sip my hoppy beer in the meadow by the creek and the Cyclists keep zoooming by.  Cyclists. Runners. Tennis players. Hikers. Climbers. Fruit Booters–ahem–I mean Roller bladers. You sporty folk are clogging the streets! And if I have to be reminded that I have three year old running shoes that are still as blindingly, horrifically white as they were when I bought them form lady footlocker–then please, let me marvel at your awesome Rasta colored hightop wrestling booties, squeal at the cuteness of your running skirt, giggle in amusement of your cycling shirt with the picture from the Beatles Yellow Submarine animation on it (but I’ll puke if you wear all these examples together)–Make it fun, make it interesting. I saw a girl in a polka-dotted sports bra peeking out from under her tank top–that made me indubitably happy.  So here are a few websites to check out to get your most fun and fantastic gear, I mean….if you must. Happy fun fit summertime folks! XOX

Outdoor Divas

Skirt Sports

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