Classic Flare

By Amanda Morse

Ah, remember the good old days, when last weeks sweater and your hand made hip huggers developed a special weeklong soul-connecting bond of personal fashion? Or when dancing in the fields of daises’ seemed to infuse your denim with the earth? Yeah, neither do I, but I feel like its possible to get the same natural soulful feeling with your wardrobe today.

Starting out with basic colors and neutral color schemes can create a good retro feel. Of course high waisted bell bottomed paisley jeans can boost any outfit to the vintage feel, but not everyone has the luxury of every piece of clothing ever. Basic straight leg denim or even a casual flare can go a long way.

Pairing with loose fitting tank or camisole is comfortable and lightweight. A key in the right camisole is a cotton or bamboo like fabric. Organic fabrics breathe on your skin and let you move with the fabric instead of against it. An open knit sweater or long open cardigan goes nicely, or maybe even a soft linen tunic.

Also for the spring season large embroideries and embellishments on basic tops and blouses are really making their own revival and inspiring a more artsy crafty feel for light summer clothes. I long single gold pendant or a hanging chain necklace is simple yet sophisticated. Thrown together with a splash of color in a leather buckled sandal and a soft leather clutch and you’ll be soul connecting with your classics in your own daisy field.

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