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All I want is the perfect summer dress….

I’ve seen so many cute summer dresses, and dammit, where’s mine? I want it to be beautiful, fit me perfectly and a dream to be in. Oh, and I really don’t want to pay more than sixty bucks. Any suggestions friends?  I’ve seen lovely ones on you ladies out there, pink gingham flowing, polka dotted short ones, cotton clingy ones. My favorite are the long but flowy dresses in bright vermilion and deep greens, perhaps organizing itself into some art nouveau pattern that makes me think of crawling vines and stringed instruments. So, I’m going to start looking, and you please keep wearing those airy dresses that compliment your tanned arms so well.

And I’ll keep you updated on my search for the summer dress to end all summer dresses! Pray to Coco Chanel for me okay?

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