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I Heart Your Purse!


By Regina Coney

Tired of that old monogram Louis Vuitton that seemed so in one minute and so out the next? Well get ready to have some fun with our new favorite accessory, the purse. This season, itÂ’s all about texture, color, print, and innovation.

It’s alright to buy a purse that says you written all over it, no matter the fad. Try buying a purse in an off the wall color like canary yellow, electric blue, or fire engine red. Also ease into some pattern and textures that are eye catching and will become the topic of any conversation. This season, Prada plays with iconic spring Fairy handbags and gives true meaning to ”the art of fashion.” Handbags are without doubt the artists new canvas.
Also we will be seeing a lot of amplifying 3D purses this Spring. Handbags, shoulder bags, totes, and even clutches will have this new cutting edge texture . When 3D appears in evening wear it will give ”evening wear” a whole new meaning.The vintage look is hitting designer purses with a bang. When trying to achieve the vintage look steer away from designer purses and discover a fun vintage store. It’s always exciting to pick out a true one-of-a-kind purse that tells a story. An authentic vintage piece is priceless, especially when it’s a purse.
121220071551166125.jpg Luggage is also taking a step out of the ordinary. So no more boring black and navy carry onÂ’s. Try going for metallic red, purple patent leather, or even a sexy animal print. So donÂ’t just fly to New York, fly to New York in style.

DonÂ’t be afraid to be yourself this season. If you see a handbag that screams buy me but you think itÂ’s too over the top. By all means buy it, and enjoy.

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