Five Fall Trends~Manhattan Approved

Here are five of my favorite trends that have spread like wildfire in the streets of Manhattan:

1. Colored Tights

As far as colored tights go, it seems that any and every color is game. It’s a great way to add an edge to your look without breaking the bank.

Darker colors–plum, navy, gray, dark green–tend to translate well with the season, but red and cobalt blue work just as well if you’re daring enough. I’ve yet to see anyone pull off yellow very well, but I don’t doubt that it could be done.

This is a trend that’s also frequently spotted in Gossip Girls. And I must say, the colored tights is a much better GG trend than headbands. Agreed?

2. Ankles boots, booties

3. Liquid leggings

4. Vintage leather bags

5. Short leather jackets

Popularity: 80% [?]

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