rag & bone

“Some of y’all might know this, and some of y’all don’t /
Some of y’all might be with this, and some of y’all won’t/
But listen, let me clear my throat”

Ah hem. Rag & Bone.

This is what you should be wearing today.

I first heard of rag & bone through a couple of specialty boutiques while living back home in Kansas yet I never really fully understood or perused their talent. Lame, I know. Upon moving to NYC and wandering around in my first few months I stumbled upon a small store in the Village. After passing the window and being drawn in by a smartly fitted pea coat and a pair of jeans that were sure to make my ass look good (the true goal of all denim) I found the actual store to be a pleasant experience. Save the fact that all employees were to busy talking about what models were coming into the store and what discounts to give, blah blah. I enjoyed my hassle free shopping. The store displayed rich fabrics in impeccable cuts to flatter the ladiest of ladies or the gentleman’s sir…yet really made for the rest of us who want to pull a few pieces into a look to rock to the market or somewhere on Saturday night, all of which could be located at rag & bone. Including items that could translate into the work week giving one the edge needed to make it through the grind to happy hour on Friday.

Rag & Bone was founded in 2002 by Marcus Wainwright and David Neville. Through an almost grassroots effort they began with no experience to design some spot on clothes…check this, starting out of a denim factory in middle American Kentucky which has since been changed to a factory in North Carolina. Having said they were born out of not being able to find clothing in stores to wear they wanted to make clothes (specifically jeans) their friends would wear everyday- I’m pretty sure that now after only six years on the scene their friends are looking damn sharp. Also note that all rag & bone clothes are manufactured in America. Something one doesn’t hear too much anymore. With that stated, quality and detail are key components to the craftsmanship of their lines. The founders grew up in England which translates to much of the tailoring found throughout their Men’s and Women’s collections by its nonchalant sophistication.

I strongly urge navigation to their website where one can see videos of the spring/autumn lines for 2008 men and women. Here one will see firsthand why these two designers are throwing punches and shaking hands in the fashion industry. There is a fine line between the art of being disheveled with class and being a random mess…rag & bone pulls looks together highlighting traditional tailoring in tops and bottoms while giving a sense of now and modernism with cuts and trims. Hints of American, English, and French traditional style exude from these runway shows and certainly offer a myriad of ideas in completing a look for oneself in today’s trendy times.

rag & bone

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