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Spring 2009


What’s on everyone’s mind right now? Probably, for most Americans, the economy. So, what are we supposed to take away from all of these Spring 2009 fashion shows? One answer, it is going to be a tough year ahead for fashion and creativity is a must.

My advice for this upcoming year, stick to your favorites. Only buy things you absolutely love, pieces you couldn’t imagine your wardrobe without. Personally, I look forward to purchasing the mini dresses, shown at Alexander McQueen. After a long hibernation my legs need some sun in the spring and these little dresses are the perfect way to get it.


Most designers have made it easy to transition the trends in your closet from winter to spring. Ruffles were shown consistently, and so were sheer textiles. This is another way not to break the bank. Be creative and come up with ways to make your fall pieces work for spring. For example, if you have a sheer top wear with a sweater in the fall and a cami in the spring.

Hopefully, come spring we will not only see the flowers blooming but the economy too. It won’t happen overnight, but we can stay positive. To sum up the advice for fashion, be creative and don’t buy anything you don’t love. ;)

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  1. NillieDee Says:

    Just buy key items and stick to what you already have. We all know there’s some old stuff in our closets from a couple years ago that we can mix and match to meet trends today. It’s not always about buying new things, if your creative and clever, you can always make something old look new. As Tim Gunn always says “make it work!”

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