Accessories: Magnify and Maximize

What is fashion if not an experiment in limits? While much of what’s on the pret-a-porter site is not realistically what we are ready to wear today, it is however important that designers out there continue to stretch boundaries. Their innovation lives in the fantastical for us, and each new season tests these new ideas.

John Galliano, above all, understands the capacity of the body as a tableau. We can learn a lot from him by looking at the details of garments in his ellaborate and exquisite collections. The key in creating a total look has always and will forever lie in the accessories of a complete look. Piecing together garments is key for a look- yes this is true but the finishing touches lie in how well you can piece together, mix and match, and just simply toss metals, plastics, stones and gems to compliment your look. Have fun with it. It can’t hurt to try.

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