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The Mini Dress as Formal Wear


By Jennifer Krischer

Yes, the holiday madness is finally over, but that doesn’t mean the end of parties and dressing up for a special occasion. What I love about winter is the amount of options we have to dress up. Long dresses and short dresses. Long sleeves, short sleeves, v-neck, turtleneck. Silk, jersey, knit. My pick for a mid winder special occasion is the mini dress. It can go so many directions that it’s a great piece to keep in your closet. So for your party, here are a few ways to dress up a mini dress and look very elegant in it.
Find the right cut for you. Make sure it is not too short, because too you do not want it to read too casual. Just at or above your mid thigh line is probably best, but use your judgment. Try on a few styles and see what looks good on you. Designers have been having fun with the mini dress. The options are endless. Go shopping and you’ll see as many styles as you can imagine from a long sleeve a-line dress to a sleeveless empire waist dress. For a formal evening, black is always classic and clean, but if you want to have a little more fun, go indulge in the jewel tones and metallics. Excess seems to be in right now. If it has a big bow or some fun jeweled details, do it, but make sure it’s tasteful and not just obnoxious. I know it seems like we are revisiting the 80’s with the bubble skirts and details, but fashion should be fun and silly, so don’t fight it.
It is still winter, so the heavy tights are still appropriate even for eveningwear. A shiny tight can help dress up a look. A sheer tight is also a good look for evening.
For an formal look I like to see the hair pulled back paired with a long earring to exaggerate the length of the neck. I also don’t love too much jewelry. I suggest choosing either earrings or a necklace, but this is not law. I feel that simple and less is more elegant than overwhelming amounts of jewelry.
I would suggest a close-toed dress shoe, or ankle booty over a sandal, peep toe or knee high boot.

TIPS Always bring a coat or a sweater if you expect it to be chilly out. If you do not need a purse, don’t bring one. If you must have one, a clutch is always a nice formal accent. If your dress is black, make the purse gold, or red, something that will pop. If you wear black tights, pair with a black shoe to exaggerate the length of your leg. Ballet flats are fine as long as they are not too casual. If you cannot walk in heels, don’t try it, you are better off in a less dressy shoe than stumbling around a formal event.

DON’T bring out the big belts, heavy jewelry. If your dress is jeweled, leave the jewelry at home all together. No need to overwhelm your look with too much glitz.

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