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Freedom !

By Julia Landry

Dancing can be labeled as a relative term, when you’re a nineteen year old white girl who grew up in a Bible belt city. If a girl like this was approached to dance chances all she’s move is her shoulders ever so slightly, but if you approached a step dancer to break a move, chances she’d move all the joints in her body to paces that I can’t even follow with my own eyes. So I guess it’s all relative to how much you’re going to ‘be getting down’ to the music. If you’re the later, chances are you’d want something you can move in and not feel constricted but still catch the eye of everyone in the club. If you’re the white girl, then a BCBG pink top and seven jeans will probably do the trick. I’d like to think after a few drinks in everyone it really doesn’t matter what you wear, but for the sake of this article I’ll give you some sly opinions on how to dress. When going out to just dance, and have a fun time dancing with all your girls, not having to worry if the local douche
bag is looking your way, then I say why not go out full force and embrace everything disco. Yes I said the word disco, everyone probably just cringed right now, but I think personally it’s a hot look to rock when your jamming’ out to some fast tunes at the local club. Think a mix of M.I.A, slash American Apparel, slash Lindsey Lohan rocker style. I recently picked up a pair of liquid tights at a boutique called LF, and wore the tights with a loose black smock shirt that had metallic graphics and draped just past my butt and over my shoulder, with my chuck tailors to complete the look. Everyone digged the liquid tights, seriously people were coming up and touching my tights asking me where I got them, and no it was not alcohol talking. I was completely able to move around in dramatic retro movements that I’m sure embarrassed the hell out of my friends. In theory, the last thing you want to worry about while dancing is your clothes getting in the way, so why not wear
comfortable stretchy clothes that are still just as flashy if not more than your silver halter top that was so 1996.

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