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Dear Fast-Feet Fashionistas,

By Alexi Boshart

Those feet! Those fast feet! You are going dancing right? And you are going to wear your ankle breaker four-inch heels that you’ve never worn before tonight? No! No, no you’re not. Start with something that you can stand and make dinner in– without wanting to take them off. Then do a little jig… did you fall down? No? Those might work. Really if you dance best in your cowboy boots, wear those. This rule works for much of a dancing outfit. Are we flamenco dancing here or crumping?  If you are doing the former, flowing skirts and heels that make a loud CLACK will be very important, if you are going to be gyrating and otherwise spazzing out, you need to wear a top that makes sure you don’t have one of those “wardrobe malfunctions” where everyone gets to see your fantastic body jewelry—the dance floor is mixed company, not a super bowl half-time party, so let’s keep our clothes on. I’m sorry dear reader, I don’t mean to be snide. I just want you to move—and look good doing so. In short, sexy clothes that move with you and make you want to dance, one of those skirts that twirls around you as you spin, or your pair of stretch jeans that you can bend over in–and stop traffic. And don’t leave any bits out to the wind would make you self-conscious!! Nothing kills a fun night faster then a case of the nerves. All my love to you, dear readers on your fun, fancy night. Cut a rug, eat a bug, and chugga chugga choo choo!

*The photo is a still from David LaChappelle’s fantastic documentary on crumping, Rize

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