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Glamour Amour

By Cyndi Boyd

You’re in the mood for a romantic night… you’ve got the candles lit, soft music and a delicious dinner for two… but you aren’t in love with your body and don’t know what to wear. You’re hoping when you turn down the lights, the sight of you in lingerie won’t be a turn off!

There’s no rule that says you have to wear one of those skin tight corsets or all-exposing bra and panty sets. You can be just as seductive and even more in something that leaves a little to the imagination! What’s important is to feel good in what you are wearing so that it puts you in the mood for the evening!

Try a little old style Hollywood glamour with a long sexy gown with a long slit up the front for that dramatic entrance or something with a soft feather trim! How about a sexy kimono or pin-up girl inspired camisole? Don’t forget to dress the part too! Sexy curls or a sleek geisha style… Accessorize with boas, fans, shoes and make-up… whatever it takes to put YOU in the mood! This is just for the two of you… so live it up! Let yourself be someone else for the night!

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