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In the Bedroom

By Julia Landry

The new fad in sleepwear are big bulk Disney sweatshirts, extra large gym shorts, and fuzzy polka dot slippers that resemble a goofy-looking animal. Wouldn’t it be easy if that were the case? We all dress like this around the bedroom at some point in our daily lives, or if you’re really low maintenance, then you dress like this every day in the bedroom. If you ever get the chance, watch Carson Kressly’s (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy star) show on ABC called ‘How to Look Good Naked’; he gives great advice. The show points out that 98% of women are unsatisfied with how they look in the bedroom. Dressing well in the bedroom may just boost that confidence and lower that percentage. Therefore it only makes sense to wear garments that fit and that are comfortable, rather than big bulky items. Carson says that wearing bigger sizes to disguise your body shape only makes you look even bigger. He recommends wearing a pop of color in the bedroom. A bright colored bra
and panty set will be in style any season if they fit right on the body.
Instead of lugging yourself to the local Victoria’s Secret to check your correct fit or size, why not just see for yourself in the comfort of your own home. Just visit the boobologist on, yes I said boobologist, a certified one at that, who has been fitting women in their under garments for years as a profession. All you need to do is just send in a picture of you and the outfit you want your underwear to conform to, your current bra size, weight, and email address. The boobolgist will come back with a correct bra size, model and make to wear under your outfit.
Going back to the whole pop of color in the bedroom, not only does Carson recommend this tip, but also this month’s issue of LUCKY Magazine does too! LUCKY’s online boutique of choice was non- other than the website itself and judging by the pictures you already know why. The site has some of New York’s top lingerie designers at a moderate price range, to help you look extra sexy for those special nights. The Britta Bra and Garter Set has a sensual scalloped lave overlay, paired with a satin bra and a matching layered, mesh, garter belt with lattice edges, it even comes with a matching thong.
Buying an entire set all together is so much easier than rummaging for separate items at the local mall. The contrasting popping colors allow the look to be fun and sexy at the same time. In all seriousness, you can go ahead and wear your big sweat shirts and gym pants, but you definitely won’t be getting laid half as much as you would if you were confidentially dressed in these stunning feminine sleepwear pieces. Remember confidence is the key to looking your best, and sleepwear that fits right, gives you that confidence!

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