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Forget the guys!

 By Cyndi Boyd

Girls Night Out is the best time to have fun and forget the guys!  Being out with the girls you can let your hair down and be yourself with those that understand you best!  What better way to spice up the evening than with a theme for the night!

This is the best time to try out some of the new fashions!  Go for that extra glamorous 40s movie star look with the dramatic eyes or luscious lips or even that tropical look with bold prints and bright colors!
No matter what theme you choose, invite your friends over to get ready and bring all their extra going out accessories to share!  Putting all your fashion sense together can get you a whole new look!

Don’t forget to pick a restaurant or club that will really put you in the mood!  If you’re anything like me and my friends, we try all the hot spots!

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