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Happy November!

I can not believe that it is the end of October already. I am currently in upstate New York visiting some friends, and oh how the scenery is different. Down in Chelsea near school the leaves are still green and on the trees. Here, most of the leaves have fallen and are yellow and orange. I am sure people on the train thought I was crazy for being so awestruck by the change.

For the past few months my friends and I have been anticipating the chilly weather, looking forward to buying coats and sweaters and boots. But when I was walking around midtown the other day with my friend I think we had second thoughts. She is originally from Texas and not quite used to New York weather. She kept rambling off weather forecasts for warmer climates, “Alison, it is 77 degrees in Miami right now. People in Florida are wearing their leather coats. It is 77 degrees!”

If you haven’t already done so, break out the coats and gloves.

Starting November 13 the funky chic line Comme des Garcons will be available at H&M stores around the world. The line comes from Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo. She has been designing since 1967. The line includes trench coats, polka dot sweaters and pants. It is available for men’s and women’s. I especially love the black and white polka dot bag, available for about $70. Not a bad price on a college student budget. Most of the collection are black, and white, common for Kawakubo.

I hope you all enjoy this beautiful November weather, pretty soon we will have snow on the ground and I will be hearing from my friend “Alison, it is 87 degrees in Sydney right now! 87 degrees!” ;)

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