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Make up like a star!

By Renee George

What an amazing week! I’m at the Sundance Film Festival, and I’m loving what I see. Saturday at the Fred Segal MySpace Lounge, I sat one table away from many celebs that had a ski kissed, just in from the cold glow. From Paris Hilton to Jessica Alba, flushed is extremely in. My favorite make-up do definitely had to be Bijou Phillips. I saw her a lot on Saturday, and not only is her skin perfect, but her rosy cheeks shifted from a daytime sheer pink to a burst of cinnamon at twilight. That is just the trick. For cheeks that pop, you can apply a bit more at night. Just remember to blend it in so you don’t look like a clown. For this look, I love a blush that is packed with moisturizer and is more liquid based so you can apply with your fingertips and blend perfectly. You can also check out ‘Thrrrob’, a turned on face powder by Benefit Cosmetics for only $28.00.

To get the entire ski kissed glow, an eye-brightening product like Eye Bright by Benefit Cosmetics $18.00 is very handy. Yes, I love love love Benefit Cosmetics! Applied around the eyes and from crease to corner, this savior really works well with a concealer to give your eyes that lift of confidence and awake look. It also balances the rest of your face so you can really look in the mirror and determine if you’ve got too much of everything on. Point being, it has saved my tired, late night, puffy looking eyes at Sundance.

Now for your sweet lips. The gloss craze is still in effect, and I have no doubt many of you have had your fair share of the $1.00 lip gloss from Rite Aid to being confused at MAC counters. Please do me a favor and invest in Dior’s new Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect lip-gloss. The colors are 100% bonafide to your liking, and it won’t dry out your lips. Even in Park City, Utah.

One last thing before I have to head out. Please don’t overdue anything. Blend!!! It’s not only fun to blend, but it will save you from not only looking like a cake or a clown, but you’ll feel confident and with it.

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