What should you wear today? WEAR YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE!

Fashion rarely falls 2nd place to events and such in the world but TODAY definitely stands as one of those times. Not saying you can’t be fashionable or stylish at the polls or in the lines waiting to vote, because there WILL be lines, but the way you look shouldn’t be your main focus today. Yes fashion has had a very BIG part as well as price tag within this years election but that can no longer be the focus of this election. In all seriousness, voting today means everything to you, your family and your fashionable future. With a better economy, lower gas prices and more money to use on yourself… you can be the most stylish thing walking. Of course you may not be Michelle Obama in a Maria Pinto design but there’s no harm in trying. VOTE FOR CHANGE STYLISTAS & STYLISTOS! There IS HOPE!

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