White after Labor Day :O

Just by looking outside today you can see it’s clearly a brisk fall day. Your next guess would be since it IS fall, Labor Day has already passed. See, I knew you were smart! Yes, it has but no one could tell from looking at my Friday, last day of the work week get up. I have on the brightest white hoody, yellow scarf, jungle army print hat, light jeans and light blue and white boings. The sweatshirt and boings actually belong to my Grandma so I don’t know how she’s going to feel when she reads this- “Hey Lady.” Nonetheless, I’m all for the fall colors and following tradition when it fits but I’m also all for people making their own rules especially in fashion- one of the times it matters the most. Fashion is fun and should allow a persons individuality to shine! Remember class…difference is shiny while monotany falls flat!

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