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That Sweet Addiction to Arm Candy

ByCyndi Boyd

Spring is in the air!  Even if it is still a bit nippy… these sweet arm candies will brighten the day with lots of eye-popping color, lovely texture, plus artistic shapes and prints!  Much like the shoes, there are many hybrids combining trends and looks to create unique and individual purse-onalities for everyone!

We still see the continuing trend of metallic colors but expanding to include pinks, purples, and turquoise shades or woven and shirred for that fun texture… Color has worked it way into patent leather bags too whether in deep jewel tones or lighter girly colors… Exotic leathers are also still big especially in the new colors, shapes and styles… but they are adding more artistry in the design, splicing the season’s best colors or the adding fun and funky prints…

What are the best styles?  Definitely clutches are on the rise!  Cute and fun, but not always small, they are a change from the giants we have been toting!  The oversized bag is still a necessity especially for those weekend getaways… choose a favorite hobo or outfit yourself with a newer more structured boxy style… small, medium or large, they are the must-haves for spring… with them… you’ll be ready for anything!

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