Music is always intertwined with fashion and vice versa….today add some Faiya to your mp3 playlist and  you’ll soon realise there’s a new king in town. Faiya was born and raised in Brooklyn with Puertorican, Sicilian and Indonesian decent. Poetry was his first love and then came beats and what later followed was his destiny…to make music.

Listen carefully to his lyrics and you’ll capture apart of his soul, his vision, his heart…its purely poetic. What he does is what I call “flo-etry” in motion and his writing style is unique as one’s fingerprints. Faiya is a talented storyteller and a brilliant writer, his music takes you on a journey and captivates you from beginning to end.

Upon meeting him I realized he’s not your stereotypical artist, this man has depth, charisma and drive that only a rising star encompasses. Most will agree he has model looks but Faiya is modest and allows his music, his art to speak for itself. Its easy to see why people think Faiya is hot, with over forty six thousand hits on his myspace page and just as many fans Faiya just keeps on burning….

Check out his music at:

Popularity: 11% [?]

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