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The Shoes Have It

As winter falls upon us (some of us that is…us native-Californians are yet to see the leaves change colors and the air become crisp) we begin to dust off our winter boots, shoes and heels. In doing so this year, I have come to realize a few things about boots- it’s the one shoe in your closet you DO NOT need to spend a month’s paycheck on… a good looking boot, is a good looking boot- it all depends on how you wear it!! I am certainly not going to claim that “labels aren’t important”, they are- to a certain extent. Last season, my brown and black high heeled boots came from the best-kept secret in fashion- TARGET!!! Isaac Mizrahi made these fabulous boots for 3 seasons and has since stopped designing for the mega retailer. The faux-suede boots look like a million bucks- and when paired with a great pair of jeans, perfect accessories and a designer handbag, you’ll have everyone guessing!! Since living in California doesn’t require boots everyday, these high-heeled bargains are perfect for the not-so-cold West Coast Winter. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely boots worth spending money on- if you’re going to drop $500 on boots, make sure they LOOK as expensive as they are!! I have a pair of brown Tory Burch flat boots that were under $500 but look over $1000! I cannot tell you how many compliments i get on them!! I decided to spend my money on flat boots because i am more conformable wearing flats on a daily bases. Don’t buy shoes under the assumption that you’re going to “try and start wearing heels more” because trust me, if you don’t like wearing heels all the time, you’re not going to start because you spent a life’s savings on a pair of high heeled boots. With that said, my first boot purchase this winter was a pair of black suede Sam Edelman fringe boots. They are flat, comfortable, perfect for work and going out AND I have not taken them off since I got them ON SALE at Macy’s a few weeks ago. I had my eye on them since September but wanted to wait until they came out in black (the other colors available weren’t worth the $200 ). When i went to get the black, i found that they were ON SALE and that my Macy’s coupon took another 20% (note: in these strained economic times, don’t be embarrassed to ask if/when items are going on sale and if there is a special promotion/coupon available) So, in summary, my best advice for the upcoming winter season, and really in fashion in general is “pick your battles.” Spend your money on items that you are going to wear A LOT, that look expensive (even if they’re not) and, ideally, fill a void in your wardrobe. Until next time…. :)

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